Conquering the digital world

MEGA now offers new digital marketing services, both in the exclusive new MEGA Digital Package, and the revolutionary WebFronts Level 4 program, to address retailer needs over the entire digital marketing spectrum - with exclusive events and vendor promotions for MEGA members.

The MEGA Digital Package using Netsertive’s digital marketing intelligence platform, empowers local businesses to win more customers thru search, display, and social. Netsertive arms retailers with the technology and support they need to run effective and compliant digital campaigns.  No other digital marketing solution is as comprehensive and surprisingly simple to use. 

WebFronts Level 4 is an exciting new product that takes all your digital marketing activities and puts them in one, easy to manage central location. Learn more about your customers with de-anonymization, account creation and progressive profiling. Run professional pre-made turnkey promotions with one click. Track how site visitors are interacting with your site, marketing emails, promotions and more. Send automated abandoned cart emails and re-market to relevant and interested consumers automatically.

We like to call it WebFronts Dominautomationing…and it’s is even cooler than it sounds!

WebFronts Level 4 Features

Level 4 Promos Level 4 Social Level 4 Signin Level 4 Login Level 4 Email Level 4 Cart Level 4 Analytics