Imagine a digital strategy that works harder for you...


  • Keep your home page fresh with automated addition of new rotating promotional images

  • Drive more conversions through compelling promotions that show up and run themselves

  • Dominate your market with prospect email lists that your website builds for you

  • Keep your brand top of mind with automated abandoned cart emails

  • Engage yuor prospects and their friends on social media

  • View on demand reports that track how prospects interact with your site, emails, promotions, and more

  • Keep selling even when prospects leave you site through automated email remarketing

MEGA WebFronts now offers new digital marketing services in the exclusive new MEGA Digital Package – part of the revolutionary WebFronts Level 4program. . 

WebFronts Level 4 is an exciting new product that takes all your digital marketing activities and puts them in one, easy to manage central location. Learn more about your customers with de-anonymization, account creation and progressive profiling. Run professional pre-made turnkey promotions with one click. Track how site visitors are interacting with your site, marketing emails, promotions and more. Send automated abandoned cart emails and re-market to relevant and interested consumers automatically.

We like to call it WebFronts Dominautomationing…and it’s is even cooler than it sounds!

Professional Turnkey Promotions
We all know our digital marketing should be more promotional...but it’s almost impossible to create and execute all those promotions all by yourself. That’s why Level 4 includes pre-made, turnkey promotions that run themselves. Choose them individually or subscribe to an entire channel to effortless keep your site full of compelling offers.

The most successful retail websites in the world don’t just let consumers learn all about their business and products…they allow the business learn all about those consumers at the same time. WebFronts Level 4 uses the latest digital marketing technology to encourage and facilitate consumer de-anonymization. Whether consumers de-anonymize themselves by entering a contest, creating an account or signing in to see a special price, your store now knows who they are, how to contact them and has permission to re-market to them.

Progressive Profiling
When someone is shopping in your store, your sales staff can see what they look at and which products seem to attract their attention. So when that customer finally asks about the $499 armchair, your savvy sales staff can work into the conversation the great sale that could make the beautiful leather recliner they were eying a reality instead. WebFronts Level 4 lets you do the same in the digital world by tracking and reporting everything prospects look at and click on while browsing your site…even before they ever request a quote or submit an order!


Session Analytics
Whenever a customer requests a quote or submits an order through your Level 4 WebFront, you and your staff can see everything they looked at before – even if they didn’t end up adding it to their cart or quote request! Use this information to identify the perfect upsell and add-on opportunities to maximize your profit on every sale.

Search Engine Marketing 
Drive more local prospects to compelling promotions on your website optimized to convert with automated and highly focused pay-per-click advertising. Spend less, sell more…and did we mention it’s all automated? You pick your budget and we’ll do the rest.

Who’s the most valuable prospect to your business? One that’s actively researching products you sell right now! Re-engage consumers that have already visited your site with targeted display ads and re-marketing emails after they leave to draw them back and keep your store top-of-mind at this critical time. .

Social Media Marketing 
WebFronts Level 4 encourages and helps consumers seek the advice of their friends via social media while they shop on your website. It’s creative and differentiating, and you get exposed to totally new prospects. Added bonus – the content is posted by consumers, making it more visible without paying for social media advertising.

Email Re-Marketing 
Nobody likes spam emails…but consumers love timely emails about how they can get a great value on the products they need to buy right now. WebFronts Level 4 automatically sends targeted and specific emails to hot prospects that recently browsed your website to draw them back to your business and secure more sales. All you have to do is approve your promotions – WebFronts does all the rest. 

MEGA's Digital Package

Win big with this MEGA exclusive offer that helps retailers compete in today's digital environment.

  • Exclusive access to over 50 MEGA automated promotions
  • Monthly subscription rebates up to $500 per month*
  • Lower setup fees

 *Pending retailer eligibility per applicable brand