Netsertive Program

Start Bringing More Buyers Through Your Doors with Netsertive’s Digital Marketing Program for MEGA Group Members

In support of our member’s success, MEGA Group USA has now partnered with Netsertive to offer our members a full suite of digital marketing solutions to attract more local shoppers. MEGA Group USA Members that enroll will receive a custom strategy based on their unique business goals, location, and market.

Today’s buyers won’t enter your store until they’ve done their research online. Understanding the dynamic consumer has never been more critical, but your focus is to sell furniture. You don’t have time to worry about crafting digital marketing campaigns and then worry about if they’re working.

Netsertive is a digital marketing leader in the home goods industry that specializes in helping brands and their local retailers work together online to attract new customers. Their unique digital marketing solutions are powered by technology that anticipates consumer buying patterns and leverages them with targeted local campaigns.

The digital marketing program for MEGA Group USA Members includes:

  • Search engine marketing, display advertising, social media advertising and video advertising options
  • Co-op approved and compliant assets and campaigns
  • Integration with MEGA Money Manager (simple and easy)
  • Waived configuration fees and $300 or $600 in digital marketing funds for members who sign up for an ongoing digital marketing campaign

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