Appliances Unlimited

Each year, MEGA produces around 50 original circular programs that are available to each member

As a MEGA member, your store has the option to:

  • Customize each circular into a 4 page spread between a variety of vendors in appliances, furniture, bedding and consumer electronics
  • Special themes for each month during holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day and Black Friday
  • Single brand only 2-page circulars from select brands
  • Order up to 30,000 circulars to print for free*
  • 100 samples will automatically be sent to your store
  • ll but the custom furniture versions are heavily subsidized by vendors so your out-of-pocket cost is minimal (about or less than 1¢ a piece).

    The cost of every circular is broken down on the specific order form for that event.

    The only major expense is cost of distribution. 

    Cost of distribution can be offset by available co-op if you earn any with specific vendors.

                        *(does not include setup fee, freight or distribution)

 Circular Distribution:

Members can choose between two popular methods of distribution.

Newspaper Distribution:

Members can direct circulars to be shipped to their local newspaper(s) for distribution on a specific date. Member is responsible for rate negotiation  as well as scheduling and payments to newspaper

Shared Mail Distribution:

Shared Mail (sometimes know as Marriage Mail) is a form of distribution that delivers a small bundle of circulars to a consumer’s mailbox. You select the zip codes you wish to distribute to. You can also specify certain demographic criteria. 

Availability of this type of distribution varies by market. In some markets members have weekly distribution dates to choose from.  In other markets it may only be available once a month, usually toward the end of that month. Unfortunately in some markets the service is not available at all.  For more information please call MEGA Marketing.

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