Introducing the all new MEGA WebFronts!

Now for every retailer – no matter your size, experience or budget.

Because we are committed to making sure every MEGA member gets their store online we are proud to introduce a whole new family of MEGA WebFronts options starting as low as $59 a month.

Level 1 is designed for quick setup and easy maintenance. Add up to 300 products using the state-of-the-art WebFronts App. It even has an alternate mobile site. And it is so affordable there is no excuse not to get started with your online marketing today.

Level 2
is still quick to set up and easy to maintain, but allows you to expand your online footprint by displaying an unlimited number of products on your site. Automate their appearance by brand, category or more. 

Premium Plus has been renamed as Level 3. It has what you need to rival the best websites in your industry. Every Level 3 WebFront™ comes with a totally customized design, advanced pricing formulas, shipping calculators, discount codes, packages, Ashley Express integration, an advanced alternate mobile version and more.  

Level 4 is brand new this show and takes all your digital marketing activities and puts them in one, easy to control central location/ Learn more about your customers with de-anonymization, account creation and progressive profiling. Run professional, pre-made turnkey promotions with one click. Track how site visitors are interacting with your site, marketing emails, promotions and more. Send automated abandoned cart emails and re-market to relevant and interested consumers automatically. We like to call it WebFronts Dominautomationing…and it’s is even cooler than it sounds! Learn more about Level 4 here.


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